About Us

About Us

Tachou has been intimately engaged with the healing arts since childhood and a dedicated student of yoga for over ten years. She has been a model for more than two decades and an actress.

Through years of endeavoring her own spiritual and scholastic self-study, this Beverly native has encountered many teachers from cultures around the world who helped challenge, develop, and balance her intellect with compassionate discernment.

An ardent student of life, between continuing studies she actively pursues and maintains qualifications in anatomy, physiology, nutrition, comparative religious philosophy, and music.

Tachou teaches yoga and meditation classes through her programs in Beverly, you can also join her online programs and courses on tachouyoga.com.

Why Choose Us?

My classes incorporate time to rest, breathing deeply, sweating profusely, stretching out stiff muscles, flowing into and out of postures, and, finally, creating a space of mental stillness, through focus within the body. There is an emphasis on mindfulness, stress reduction, and relaxation in all our classes. Our mission is to give students an opportunity to look within, refocus, and regain a sometimes lost sense of perspective.


Daily yoga and meditation sessions, healthy vegetarian food, inspiring spiritual teachings with like-minded people in an idyllic setting bring mental and physical relaxation and spiritual growth.


We will explore patterns, both mental and emotional, which hinder and stop our growth. And, how Asanas, Pranayama, and Meditations can be used to open blockages and lead us into a life of creative or positive thinking, happiness, spiritual growth, and liberation.


Through the study of holy scriptures we will strive to understand the meaning of a yogic lifestyle.